Monday, February 10, 2014

January Review... February Goals

January is already OVER! 
It went by so fast!

And since I'm being more intentional about my schedule and my goals, I want to formally review my month with you.

My goals started out with making items to sell in January AND working on my Biggest Month Ever collection for April.  I was feeling really unsure and doubtful if I could do it... simply because I've never done it before.

But getting up earlier in the morning, and doing my work FIRST has made a huge difference!  Even though it really amounts to only about an hour more time a day to work, doing it first has taken a huge load off my shoulders.  I know that my time to work is in the morning, and if I get time in the afternoon, it's bonus time!  Plus knocking out that work first thing is a huge boost in morale and gets me excited to keep plugging along.

Here is what I finished for January!

I met MOST of my goals (the corsets were very uninspired, so I made more dresses instead).  And LOVE how everything turned out!

I have lots more to do for February, and more fun stuff all crammed up in my head, making me twitchy to get it out.  I really do think that getting up and just getting to work inspires me, even when I'm not really 'feeling' it.  Things I had NO IDEA or plans for have popped out of my head and make me almost giddy about what I'm going to sew next!

January goals.  Pretty stinkin' close to DONE, exceeded in some areas, so it cancelled out the unmet areas.
Good enough for me!

And a new post it for Feburary!

See ya soon!

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