Saturday, May 18, 2013

Introducing The Minions

The minions have been hanging around our house for a few years now and are by far the favorite toy of all my boys.

They originally started as a amigurumi crochet project, where each one took me hours and hours to make.
Through the years they eventually evolved to a plush creation stuffed with a fiberfill "soul" and plastic bead "energy pellets" to help them stand on their own.

When we changed to the plush Minion style, my oldest son found out that they now had the ability to "fly".  By squeezing the base of the ears on either side, the ears flap up and down giving the Minions the ability to now preform aerial recon.

Through telling stories about the Minions (and making up sentences for our spelling lists) we eventually found out that the Minions arch enemies are the Squirrels.  Our yard is FULL of wild squirrels who dig up our garden, bury nuts (that turn into trees in the worst places) and pee in our flower pots.

Obviously, the Minions hate them.

Most of the Minion days are filled with fortress protection 
and plotting against the Squirrel's plan for government domination.

The Minions are very good at camouflage...  
and it helps that squirrels see only in black and white.

The minions diligently keep watch on Squirrel hide outs, always prepared for battle.

Each minion specializes in different disciplines and each has his own code name and serial number.

Here we see Nos (pronounced Naw-sss --as in Nitros Oxide), 
who specializes in Parkour.  He has the ability to get in and out of tight spaces
and is invaluable in recon and distraction.

Ingot is a foot soldier who is deadly 
at Ear to Ear Combat.  

Pylon is head of perimeter security of the Minion base and 
is always aware of what is going on everywhere.

Blau, shown here with Ingot, is on Squirrel Patrol, and specializes in 
close range air defense and fortress security.

The minions would like to thank you for supporting them in their 
fight against the evil squirrels.

You will be seeing more of them...
but only when they want you to.

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