Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Time management and leaving little gifts for me

I don't know about you, but I tend to be pretty hard on myself.

Especially when I don't get through my list for the day...

or am feeling unsure of myself

or any number of other reasons... you name it, and I've beaten myself up over it.


I know I'm not the only one. Especially after reading  this post in a blog I love and follow.

She talks about unfriending her 'Future' self.    Which means stopping the "I'll do it later" and leaving that in the lap of her future self.... because her future self is just as big a flake as her current self.
(Why do we think we'll want to do it more when it's later??)

And I definitely agreed with her that Future Kari is a FLAKE.


As I started thinking about it, I realized I could help Future Kari out a bit.
and give Future Kari a bit of a break sometimes.

So once (or more often now) during the day, I find one thing I can do for Future Kari.
One little gift I could leave for myself.


cleaning off the studio desk at night so in the morning I wake up to an organized space...

charging the camera battery before it goes dead so Future Kari can work when inspired...

sweeping the floor in the evening for bare footed mornings...

making the bed nicely, so falling into it is a pleasure...

packaging and labeling orders so they can smoothly transition into the mail...


I've found a side reward is that Future Kari is motivated by the gifts and I work better and use time better when I don't have to work through the messes of Past Kari.

Because, honestly, Past Kari is a slob.