Friday, August 26, 2011

The collection that built itself..

I just released a new 4 piece mini-collection on eBay called Deconstruction, and I have to say, this collection was THE most fun I've had sewing in a long time!

I wish I would have taken a pic of the BEFORE items that inspired me.  They were all human clothing pieces from a thrift shop (Ellowyne would approve), that were washed and dried and then completely deconstructed.

The main fabric in this collection is from a pair of capris made of faded army green ripstop fabric.  The little squares in the fabric were the PERFECT scale and inspired the whole collection.

I ripped, cut, shredded, sanded, and sewed with the pair of capris, 3 dress shirts, and 2 knit tops and the collection just formed itself.  I love it when that happens...when work is more like play than work.

I had one vest pattern I designed a while ago called the Victoria Jacket
(made for Twilight's Victoria), that I changed up for each of the different vests shown here, but that's a whole different post for another day.

Oh, and then entire Deconstructed Collection was brought to you by
Pioneer Woman's iced coffee...

If you want to see the full collection, it's on eBay for 3 days here:

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  1. HA! It must be good! I like it and it's not ormally my style! :)