Saturday, February 26, 2011

Some of my favorite Tonner repaints...

Here are some of my past Tonner repaints.  All are sold now, but so fun to remember!

 It's funny, some dolls I immediately remember their names, and others I don't.  I remember playing with this girl, wanting to make 'glowing' eyes.  And then I chickened out on selling her once she was done.  I didn't list her for quite a while, and mentioned on a doll board I was going to wipe her clean and redo her, when someone wanted to buy her.  Guess sometimes there is a market for spooky dolls!

 My version of Bella Cullen, as a newborn vampire, with blood red eyes.

 Totally LOVED doing this girl. She's all white, with black mohair hand applied, and painted with only three colors... black, white, and gray. It was so fun to see if I could do it. And I think she turned out well!

Alanis... another doll I remember her name immediately.  Former Euphemia. I really hope Tonner brings back this sculpt on the Antoinette body. But if he does, I'm SUNK.  LOL

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