Thursday, February 24, 2011

Commission Rates for 2011

Commission Rates 2011

All prices below reflect the customer providing the doll.
Commission spots can only be reserved by
emailing FIRST to check for

Complete repaint $330

 Includes careful removal of all factory paint, and repainting to your
specifications (eye color, lip color, blushing, attitude, etc).  Also
includes complete manicure/pedicure to match lips, or French
manicure for $10 extra.

Eye enhancement $60

 Enhancement for eyes is painting over the current factory paint in the  
eyeball portion only.  Basically, changing the color and adding a bit of
"life" to the eyes.

Eye only repaint $100 

Removing factory paint and repainting the entire eye area, excluding
eyebrows.  Includes shading, color change, iris position, and makeup.

Lip only repaint $50 

Removing factory paint and repainting lips only.  Includes shading and
sealing with your choice of matte, satin, or gloss.

Rooted highlights or part $85

 ($40 if adding to a full repaint)
Rooting in highlights or a part in any position (center, right side, left
side).  Please allow advance notice of hair color so I can order
matching highlighted hair.

Hair cut and style $40 

Includes straightening, trim, razor cut, etc.

BJD faceup $90

 Includes safe removal of any factory paint, chalks, acrylics, and matte

BJD Body blush $35

 Includes mani/pedi and body blush for entire body.

 Natural French mani/pedi  $35
Painted color mani/pedi  $25

*All rates are subject to change or surcharge depending on doll and

I try my best to get dolls out in a timely manner, but it doesn’t always
happen that way, so please be understanding.
Thank you for your interest! 

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