Sunday, February 27, 2011

About accidents...

Last week I had a 'happy accident' moment. And here's how it all went down.

While out thrift shopping a few weeks ago, I found a nice long gray knitted scarf. I snagged it (because I have a small scarf addiction) and took it home to wash it.

It was 100% wool.

I didn't know that.

Washing and drying 100% wool, equals a LARGE amount of shrinkage and felted wool.

So needless to say, I couldn't wear the scarf now because it was too short and thick.

So I saw online how people are embellishing their clothes with spiral cut flowers.  You basically cut a circle out of felt, or felted wool and the cut into that circle around and around in a spiral fashion till you get to the center.  Then you roll it up into a flower, sew the layers in place and embellish.

In my half-done-never-finished way, I did that.  I completed two flowers, cut another and then lost steam and there the spiral strip of felted wool sat.

A couple weeks later, I was working away on my latest two pairs of Zombie jeans and had come to picture time.  My model was wearing a basic black tank shirt and she just needed something else.

The wool strip was STILL on my sewing desk.

I picked it up, wrapped it around her shoulder, pinned on one of the flowers I DID finish, and took her pics.

That shrug got WAY more interest than the jeans!

So, I'll use what I have left to make a few more to list on etsy this week.  Maybe someday I'll find another wool scarf to do a few more, but for now these few will have to do!

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